Need a Custom Trailer for a Construction Project in Elsie or Lansing, MI?

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If you need a built-to-order trailer for your construction or landscaping project, turn to the experts. BNM Trailers Sales, Inc. has experience building trailers for residents of the Elsie & Lansing, MI area. All of our trailers are produced in-house and can be updated with custom detailing.

Discuss our trailer manufacturing services with a member of our team today. We also offer sandblasting services.

Check out what we can build for you

Our trailer manufacturing services include the building of:

  • Custom trailers - to carry equipment or materials that are too big for standard trailers
  • Utility trailers - to haul equipment, cars, or furniture
  • Construction trailers - to get materials and construction equipment to your project location
  • Lawn trailers - to carry lawn equipment and leftover lawn debris
Learn more about our custom trailer manufacturing services by calling us at 989-862-5252 now. We're standing by to get started.